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Fees & Absences

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Fees & Absences


Thank you for choosing to use a Vacation Care program through Blackmans Bay Childrens Services. We hope your children enjoy their time with us!


Please read below for further information about fees and absences:


Fees are $60 per FULL day and $40 per HALF day.

Any booking(s) made after the due date will be charged at a casual rate.


Fees are inclusive of excursions, bus costs, resources and afternoon tea unless otherwise stated on the Program.



If your child will not be attending a booked day, you will need to cancel their booking for that day by contacting the Program Site.

All cancellations/absences after Vacation Care begins will incur a 75% Allowable Absence charge. This also applies to changing from one Program Site to another.


For information on excursions, please click here.