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Mountain View Update

There has been a lot happening at Mountain View over the last week or so. Now that our timelines are taking shape, we wanted to send you an update.

The key things for you all to know are:

  • Mountain View is likely to re-open on Tuesday 3 July.
  • Monday 2 July will be a moving and setting up day. We will have care available, but arrangements will be a little different (details below).
  • If you have a regular booking at Mountain View on Mondays, you will need to take action.  Please see the partial closure information below and reply to Katie on [email protected]

While we are returning to Mountain View a little later than hoped, it does mean some of the work will be done sooner.

  • We have been able to get the lino floors replaced immediately (they start work today). We originally thought they would need to be done progressively after we moved back in, but the installer has been able to fit us in early.
  • The flood recovery specialists identified a risk of bacteria from the flood water in the glue under the old carpet and lino – especially with children playing on the floor. We are having the floors diamond ground and sanitised to fix this.
  • We started to get some damage appearing on the surface of the walls – and this has meant some re-plastering and painting.
  • Some of the cabinetry will be replaced – including some that will be done after we move back in.

Our timeline looks like being:

  • Friday June 29: all repairs will be completed.
  • Saturday and Sunday: we will have the cleaners in to do a major clean and everything at the temporary locations will be packed up.
  • Monday July 2: everything will be moved back into the service either from the temporary locations or from the shipping containers we are using for storage.
  • Tuesday July 3: Mountain View will re-open.

We will update you immediately if these dates change.

Partial closure of Mountain View on Monday 2 July (to be confirmed)

We have had to move everything out of Mountain View for the works to be completed.  Getting everything set up again will be a major project that will involve many of the regular educators.

If everything goes to schedule, they will do this on Monday 2 July which means some adjustment in care arrangements that day.

If you don’t need care that day or can make alternative arrangements, please let us know.  We will remove your booking for that day and you won’t be charged.  This is our preferred option as it will give our educators the opportunity to create a safe and stimulating environment for your children back at Mountain View.

We understand that some people will still need care that day.  We will have a modified service available with some regular staff and a few educators brought in from other parts of the service.

Once we know numbers, we will send further details about the arrangements for the day.

Either way, please let us know ASAP by contacting Katie at [email protected].  Once we confirm the date and the numbers, we will confirm plans (by Monday 25 June).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me [email protected] or on 6229 4914.

Kind regards


Simon Thiessen
Operations and HR Manager