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The following are just a few of the most frequently asked questions by parents. Our staff are not only happy to answer, but encourage any questions you may have about the centre, staff and in particular the care and well being of your child.


Please feel free to view our Parent Handbook for further information.

Parent handbook 2017


Does my child need to be immunised to attend child care?

Is Blackmans Bay Childrens Services accredited?

Who is responsible for Blackmans Bay Childrens Services?

Are the staff qualified - do any of the staff have first aid certificates?

How long is your waiting list? 

What is included in the daily fees? 

What should I pack for lunch?

What happens if my child is sick?

What about coats and warm hats in Winter?

How do you get the younger children to sleep in a bedroom with six other children?

What about eating routines or problems?

What does my child need to bring?