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Flood Repairs Update

Our services impacted by the flooding have settled into a nice rhythm in their new locations. Behind the scenes, our focus has turned to the repairs needed at each service.

This is an update on each of the locations.

Mountain View

The carpet will be completely removed this Thursday, the new carpet has been ordered and it is on the way (due to arrive in Hobart on about 13 June).

Our supplier has done everything they can to accommodate us and the new carpets will be laid over the weekend of 16 and 17 June.

Some other repairs (ceilings, a few walls, cabinetry) will be done while we wait for the carpets.  Less urgent tasks may be completed after we move back in (we may need to close off some areas for a day or two).

We are waiting to hear whether the lino areas need to be replaced – and what impact this will have on moving back in.

All going well, we will re-open three rooms (Buchan, Butler and Wilson) on 18 or 19 June.

The size of the job means some carpet will come in a second consignment – so the Mitchell Room will re-open late June (or possibly early July).

Until each room re-opens, the current arrangements will continue.

St Aloysius OSH

The clean out and repairs are continuing – through the whole school including OSH.  We don’t have a re-open date yet – but we are putting alternative plans in place for Vacation Care in case this building isn’t available.  There will be more details about this emailed to St Aloysius families in the next few weeks (and published on Facebook and the website).

For now, the current arrangements will continue.

Blackmans Bay OSH

Minor repairs will continue but we are pretty much fully functional.  The carpets have been cleaned and we have access to the full building again.

Kingston OSH

The damp area of carpet has been removed and dried.  We have decided to replace all the carpet in the middle building and not just the area damaged in the storms.  This order has been placed (although I believe Jill and Scott are still selecting the carpet pattern) and we will have an installation date soon.

This service is operating as normal (although using only one of their buildings, so that the Mitchell Room from Mountain View can use the other). The repairs at Mountain View should be completed in time for Kingston OSH to have both buildings back for Vacation Care.

Diamond Drive admin offices

The insurer has decided that the damaged carpets are beyond cleaning so these will be replaced as well.

Because the carpets no longer smell (we had dryers in for four days) and because we rarely crawl on our floors (only when we need a big favour from the CEO), these are the lowest priority.  The order has been placed and we are waiting for an installation date to be confirmed.

Other services

Ocean View continue to make space for some of the children and educators from Mountain View.  Family Day Care are drying out some things that got wet in a storage shed.  New Town OSH are back to full operation and Illawarra OSH are wondering what all the fuss was about (although they did have a power outage in the winds last week)

Next steps

Thank you to the families and staff members who have shown so much support during this whole process.

Unless there is any significant change or news, we won’t send further updates to our whole community.  Instead, we will send specific updates to the users of each specific service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on 6229 4353 or [email protected].

Kind regards

Simon Thiessen
Operations & HR Manager