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Enroling Your Child

Enrolling your child

If you would like to enrol your child with Kingborough Family Day Care, please contact us on (03) 6135 4377. Once we receive your waiting list application our Care Coordinator will contact you to discuss your childcare needs further. An interview with a potential educator will then be arranged when a suitable match has been identified.


How soon can I put my child’s name on the waiting list?

You can enrol with Kingborough Family Day Care at anytime. You will need to provide your child’s date of birth or your expected due date and an approximate start date for care. Our Care Coordinator will keep in contact with you to ensure your care requirements are up to date.

I already know of an educator I would like to enrol with, what do I do?

Your request for care will still need to be processed through the office as usual. Please contact our Care Coordinator who will take your preference into consideration when finding a suitable placement.

I have a baby and a toddler, can they go to the same educator?

Yes. Kingborough Family Day Care Scheme values and encourages family groupings. Our Care Coordinator will look for the most suitable educator for your family.

What will my child be doing in care?

Our educators offer a varied program of age appropriate experiences and activities. Children enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor play activities. Some educators offer opportunities for your child to connect with our local community – trips to the Library, supported playgroups, planned playground visits, or other special events.

How can I be sure my child is safe and happy?

A key role of the coordination unit is to support and resource our educators. Educators are regularly visited by qualified fieldworkers to ensure the highest standard of family day care is maintained. Staff also monitor your child’s wellbeing, learning and progress.

What happens if my educator is sick or on holidays?

Educators will give you as much notice as possible that they will be unavailable to care for your child, to allow you to make alternative care arrangements that suit your families needs. Please contact the coordination unit if you require us to find replacement care.

What happens if I am not happy with the educator I am referred to?

If you feel that the educator you have been referred to does not suit your family’s needs you are under no obligation to commence care. Simply advise our Care Coordinator who will continue to look for a suitable placement.