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Family Day Care

Family Day Care


Family day care is home based childcare providing quality care in the homes of registered family day care educators supported by a coordination unit.  Family day care provides nurturing care in a secure and enriching home environment for babies and children up to 12 years of age.

Family day care can offer care:

  • During standard hours
  • Overnight
  • School holidays
  • Before/after school

In family day care, children learn through play whilst mixing with a small group. They participate in activities planned by the educator to suit each child’s individual needs. Children are able to connect with their world and community in real and meaningful ways. Family day care offers meaningful and often long term relationships.

Kingborough Family Day Care welcomes educators who are registered with the central coordination unit. They receive back up support, resources and extensive training opportunities. Many educators have their own children – all have experience with children.

The coordination unit ensures the highest quality of family day care for children. They work in partnership with educators and families to discuss your childcare needs, to provide information about childcare and to assist you to find the right environment for your child. They are also there to monitor your child’s wellbeing, learning and progress.

Kingborough Family Day Care Educators are visited regularly by trained staff.

Fees and Levies:

Kingborough Family Day Care sets fees and charges that vary between individual educators.   A schedule of fees is provided to families on enrolment and when any fees and charges are changed.  

From 2nd July 2018, the fee parameters are a minimum of $8.70 and maximum of $18.50 per hour for all care.  This price range covers various types of care including core hours (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday), out of core hours (6pm -8am Monday to Friday), weekend care and public holidays.   Details of all fees are outlined in individual fee schedules provided.

The new government child care subsidy (CCS) was introduced on the 2nd July 2018, click here to find out the next steps and whether you are eligible.   We are more than happy to advise families on how to access the subsidy which will help with the cost of child care.  


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