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Bus Update for St Aloysius OSHC Families

This update is specifically for the families that use St Aloysius OSH.  We want to make sure everyone understands the service we are able to provide and can make an informed decision about using that service.

As you know, St Aloysius Catholic College (the school) is providing a bus service between their Kingston and Huntingfield campuses.

In the mornings, all children who attend Before School Care (BSC) are dropped at the Kingborough Family Church from 7:15am.  At approximately 8:10am, we take children attending BSC to the Huntingfield campus. At this point, we send some to their classes and ensure the Kinders, Preps and Grade 1s get on the bus safely to travel to the Kingston campus.  At that point, the children pass into the care of the school.

In the afternoon, our educators return to the Huntingfield campus to collect the children attending after school care – including those who return from Kingston on the bus.  As we collect the children from their class and from the bus, the children pass back into our care.

To help children adapt to the new arrangements, the school has had a teacher assistant on the bus last week. This week, we decided to send an educator with the children (both directions).

From next week (starting Monday 28), we will not be sending an educator on the bus in the mornings.  Our educators will continue to walk the children to the bus and ensure they get on safely.  The bus does not stop anywhere before the Kingston campus, where the bus will be met by school staff.

However, the afternoons are more complicated because the children need to come from their classrooms to the bus.  To help this process, we will have an educator at the Kingston campus who will assist (along with St Aloysius staff) with collecting the children, putting them on the bus, and then travel on the bus with them.

At this point, the children are still in the school’s care – our educator will simply be there to assist and support children in this transition from classroom to bus to Huntingfield.  When they arrive at the Huntingfield campus, they will be met by more educators, including a certified supervisor, and the children will pass into our care.

I know this is all a bit wordy but finding ways to provide this extra support while complying with the regulations has been tricky.  We will continue to monitor the situation and let you know if anything changes.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, I would be happy to hear from you.

Kind regards

Simon Thiessen
Operations & HR Manager

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(If you would like to download this update as a PDF click this link Bus Update for St Aloysius Families 23rd May )