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Blackmans Bay Childrens Services aims to provide high quality education and care for all children.

We believe in inclusive and interactive community partnerships, where respect and supportive learning environment embraces the nature of the child. Through our educator’s knowledge of child development our approach is play-based and full of opportunities for growth. With growth comes the development of resilience, responsibility, friendships, a sense of social conscience and self-worth.

Our indoor/outdoor spaces will promote and challenge children’s curiosity, support sustainable practices and respect for our natural environment through our ongoing process of learning together. Children are given opportunities to grow and develop through messy play, exploration and discover where the voices of children, educators and families are valued and listened to.

The health and well being of every individual in the organisation is valued and supported.

Our philosophy is seen as a living document, continually evolving in the light of new research, the ideas of team members and input from families.


Reviewed in consultation with staff and families

Reviewed : May 2017          Next Review:   May 2018